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For every human being on this planet, there arises a flaming light that reaches straight to the causal body of God. The Causal body is the depository for all consciousness and virtues cultivated in each personality lifetime. It is built out of all the benefits of all past lives and past experiences. It is the motor that facilitates the unfolding of consciousness that we use physically, emotionally, mentally, and spirituality. It is the divine generator for human immortality, whether a person is in incarnation or not. When two souls that have been together for aeon's of time meet again in the physical plane the angels, and deities of divine light sing the song of OM because twin flames have been reunited. In reuniting after their long journey of thousands of years , twin flames will become androgynous again and be drawn back into the heart of God.
The inner most spiritual meaning of what people on earth call twin flames is the one true partner made and given by God, the true genuine spiritual fit. We all have a twin flame, black, or white, young or old, rich and poor, and it is the highest initiation you will have on the physical plane; however some of us have fallen so deep into the illusions of this world of Maya that our minds have become closed and physically dense. We have blocked out the true recognition of who they are and we pass our twin souls like ships passing in the night, failing to recognize the other divine half of ourselves. Our souls are deeply asleep. We will usually feel more attracted by partners of previous incarnations, or by close relatives, karmic relationships and people we have very strong soul ties with; than our beloved twin flames.
Here on earth many twin flames have been separated by many incarnations of negative karma and ego gratifications on the physical plane. We have become stagnate and functioning at a lower vibratory frequency. Each incarnation apart from your beloved has been spent creating more and more karma. One can not reunite with their twin soul until they have learned many lessons in love, loss, forgiveness and healing through soul mates and karmic relationships. However until then, both twin souls must balance 51% of their karma before they can receive the heavenly grace to make their ascension back into the higher octaves.

Each person must consciously work on healing and becoming whole within themselves. It is a daunting task to really look at yourself through spiritual eyes, and dive deep within one's self, searching for the truth of your being and taking the necessary steps to correct the human errors that have separated you from God.
We must remember however that twin flames are created in the union of both the image and likeness of our Father/ Mother God. The divine polarity is always whirling in the universe like an ovoid of brilliant light of two great spheres, the cosmic fire of twin souls, the Yin & Yang, the alpha & omega. When twin flames come together each will have found this balance within themselves and will bring that balance to their divine counterpart, and to the physical and spiritual worlds. Through divine grace your love together will participate in the greatest alchemy ever known to man. The two half's that are now become one whole. The true sacred union of twin souls will now ascend back into their divine destiny with the god head.

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Rev. Shaneetha Akinlana is the President of Twin flames Production for over fifteen years. She is the author of book Deliverance, released in April 2008 and a second book, If I Am Dreaming May I Never Wake Up released in Dec. 1978. She is the host of The Love Dr Show on WHPN Internet radio. She has a Master's in Adult Education, with a concentration in Counseling. She also has a Master's in Religious Theology and Philosophy. She has been a leadership facilitator for over twenty-five years after training under Omega Vector. She is a Life Coach and works with people of all walks of life to help them in discovering their own truths and spiritual wealth. .READ MORE

No other ordinary soul or or even high soul called soul-mates can even be likened to twin flames. At this auspicious time in evolution we have entered into the Aquarius age of brotherly love and though we may not believe it, or see it, the sinister dark forces are slowly losing control over all of humanity. We are all moving into the fifth dimensional frequencies of vibration and enlightenment of oneness and peace. The Beings of light are working tirelessly to make sure that we all are God victorious. We all will make the journey, none of us will be left behind. I believe that twin flames have a special contribution to make as we all begin to awake to our true divine missions on earth. People are tried of the old ways that have kept us in bondage to the flesh and material things. We all feel at a soul level that something is happening to our world and we don't know what it is. I know what it is. The unity consciousness is taking hold of every man, women, and child on earth. I see twin flames coming together in mass numbers. They are coupled everywhere on this planet right now. We all have a reason at both the individual and planetary levels to rejoice. Yes, at this very moment in human awakening there is nothing more important than opening your heart and soul to reuniting with your twin flame to help heal our planet and ascending back into cosmic consciousness of God.

Often when people learn that they share a unique mission with their twin flame, they begin to search physically for that one special soul instead of seeking their wholeness within. This is always a detour on the path of soul liberation. Believe in love as the truth of your being and in it's manifestations as twin flames. Find God within and you will find your twin flame.

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